Saturday, July 14, 2007

I have been tagged to write 10 random things about myself!

Here are 10 random things about myself:

1. I would LOVE to own an apartment one day in NYC for me and all my girlfriends to get away to anytime we wanted. It is my favorite city! If you've never been, you must go!

2. I ran my first marathon this year in Austin. I finished all 26.2 miles in 5 hours and 10 minutes. After doing that, I feel that I can accomplish anything if I put my mind to it!

3. Most people would think I was raised in Texas since I love big hair and lots of mascara, but I was actually raised in a small town in Kentucky.

4. I have developed a love for reading. Right now I have 4 books going...Anderson Cooper's memoir, a book called Shadow Boxing, Laura Bush's biography, and a new one called The Devil in the Junior League.

5. I think this whole having kids thing might not be such a bad idea. I am still not 100% sure. My question is are you ever 100% ready? Before I start something, I usually have to be 100% sure.

6. I want to learn to faux paint so bad!!!

7. I'm about to loose my big toenail from running. My running coach told me it would happen but I never thought it would happen to ME!

8. I love baking. I enjoy to cook, but I really love to bake. People always love baked goods.

9. I am horrible about returning phone calls. I am really trying to work on this.

10. Okay, this is huge. Only a few people know this about me...My eyeliner is tattooed permanently on my eyes!!! I have loved it. It hurt a little bit, but it was well worth it. I told my husband that I wanted eyeliner on when I crossed the finish line of the Austin Marathon. Isn't that so vain?!?!

Here are the people I tag...

Sara W.
Vida H.
Summer M.
Karina B. (don't you want a blog? This would be a perfect way to start.)


Karina said...

10 Random Things about ME!

I've been tagged by Amanda Gregory.

1. I love to shop.

2. I've never worked retail.

3. I hate unloading the dishwasher.

4. If I could live anywhere it could be near the ocean.

5. I'm a woman with a few close friends, is it a bad thing?

6. Growing up, I hated wearing skirts/dresses.

7. As a I wife I am most fulfilled, cleaning house, keeping up with laundry, but it doesn't happen often. Therefore, it is a struggle within me.

8. The woman I am today, I owe to my mom. I love her very much. Thanks mom.

9. I love other people's children, but bearing my own is a BIG fear.

10. I absolutely love eating fruit: nectarines (not peaches, i hate peach fuzz), watermelon, mangoes, red seedless grapes, pink lady apples, and cherries.

Swing said...

My philosophy: If you ever think you're 100% ready to have kids, YOU'RE FOOLING YOURSELF!

I'll post my 10 on my blog tomorrow sometime. I know you're dying of anticipation...

Vida said...

Hey Missy,
It's Vida H. any more . It's Vida F y S, but we'll go with Vida F.

And I can fauz paint like no one's business, I love painting!

Summer said...

I didn't know you had a blog! wow, so impressed. I will start reading more often!!