Monday, July 16, 2007

Lesson for the Day!

Today was a good day overall. I have a wonderful friend that I talked with a few times today. I was having a rough day at first but she really cheered me up and gave me a new outlook on some difficult issues I was dealing with. I learned a very important lesson today. It really doesn't matter how many friends you have. If you can have a friend that loves you no matter what and doesn't want to be your friend b/c of your family, the car you drive, or the material possessions you have, you should consider yourself lucky! You have to be able to lean on them no matter what. If they can't handle your friendship during the tough times, they really aren't your friend. I am very blessed to have a few friends in my life that fit into this category! Thank God for great friends!!!

Only 1 more day of work and then I am off to Kentucky! I am so excited. I will be visiting with my Dad and one of my best friends, Andrea. She and I have been friends since first grade. It would have been since kindergarten, but she was in the p.m. class and I was in the a.m. class. Our friendship has been through a lot and I just love her. We can go for a few weeks without talking and pick up right where we left off. She is loads of fun!

Also, my sister finds out what she is having tomorrow. I can't wait. I will be able to officially start shopping for the little one.

It's late and I have to get to bed. Hope everyone has a good evening and day tomorrow.

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Dara said...

Amen to that. Friends like that are so few and far between and when you find them - hang on for dear life!!!
I know you are having a blast in KY - what is your sister having??