Thursday, January 17, 2008

Good Taste?

I have been looking everywhere for some animal print plates for my kitchen. I found them and I am very upset. I found them on Horchow's website. If you have never been on that site, check it out. I love it. The only problem is that 4--yes I said 4--dinner plates costs $275.00. I cannot justify ever buying these! They are perfect. I love animal print and purple. What's a girl to do? Maybe someone will throw away a set and I will find them in the resale shop in Austin. A girl can dream, can't she?


Delilah said...

Even your excellent cooking would make me yak if you served it to me on these plates!!!
Love ya

Dad said...

Don't worry Amanda...the chinese will pick up on the concept and you will soon be able to buy them at Target or Walmart. Talk to you on Sunday.


monica said...

Awww....don't you just hate that. But I agree with what your dad said. Soon you will see them everywhere. Which means better prices!