Monday, January 14, 2008

Rudy's-Official Home of "Sissy Sauce"

I went to Rudy's BBQ this weekend with my family in Denton (north of Dallas) for some yummy breakfast tacos. When we walked in, I was so excited to see the "sissy sauce" in a bottle at the register! I love Rudy's, but their sauce can give me heartburn. Then I was told about a year ago to ask for the sissy sauce. When you would ask for the sissy sauce, they would really embarrass you. They would yell, "We've got a sissy over here." Everyone would look at you and you just had to deal with it.

Now, I have my own bottle of sissy sauce and I no longer have to be embarrassed about it!

God Bless Texas and Rudy's "sissy sauce"


daine said...

don't you know they have medicine of heart burn! TUMS!

Anonymous said...

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