Friday, February 29, 2008

What's your fav?

My friend Meredith and I were discussing concerts last night. She asked me what the best concert was that I have ever been to. I replied, "Prince!" I went through my list and here are some of my favorites. These are in no special order.

1. New Kids on the Block (Hanging Tough Tour)
2. U2 (Joshua Tree Tour--I was like 5 and went w/my family)
3. George Strait Music Fest
4. Kid Rock (@ the San Antonio Rodeo)
5. Keith Urban

Also, I was supposed to go to George Michael when he was doing the Faith Tour but I got grounded. I was in the fourth grade and my sister was in the seventh grade. I remember it like it was yesterday. My sister got to take her friend, Melissa. I was very upset. My dad took me to McDonald's to console me. Ahh, the good old days when a Happy Meal would cure any problem.

Let me know what everyone else's fav's were. I need to know that I'm not the only one who liked dorky bands like NKOTB!


Anonymous said...

Lest we not forget Barry Manilow. Remember the trip to Florida. I know it wasn't a concert but it was fun. I have seen him in concert four times

Delilah said...

NKOTB was good!! George Michael was a good concert but once I realized he would never take me as his wife it ruined it for me!

Delilah said...

Oh yeah don't forget the Everly Brothers! Remember how freakin' hot it was and how I got grounded.

Amanda Gregory said...

HOW COULD I FORGET????? I think the Everly Brothers concert changed me as a person. My heart has been hard every since!

Summer said...

NKOTB most definitely ranks at the top. I heard they were re-uniting? Could it be?

I also loved the Eagles (Hell Freezes Over). My youth pastor made me feel so guilty.

And then Dave Matthews. Great show. Great musician.

The others are too embarrassing to Carmen, Sandi Patti, Karen Wheaton.....ha. I should stop typing now.

daine said...

oh man to have gone to that U2 show. their show in Houston was worth every penny.Black rebel Motorcycle club was awesome, as MUSE at ACL last summer.
On your list, the U2 show.

The Texas VicHorns said...

You know how jealous I am about the whole U2 situation. I will agree with Summer and say that DMB was one of my favorites, with Allman Brothers a close second.

Confession: I had an NKOTB poster and I would kiss Jordan goodnight before bed on a regular basis. Wow.

Swing said...

ROFL... flashback to junior high.