Friday, April 18, 2008

I love Turbo Tax

This year I decided to tackle our taxes by myself. We have always used an accountant in Austin, but I thought that I could do it myself and save $50.00. How many diapers will that buy?

My sister and brother-in-law use Turbo Tax every year. I thought, "If they can use it (he's a cardiologist and she's an RN), this trash woman/tree farm specialist surely can do it." It was really easy...I did have a few questions for my brother-in-law. I submitted our taxes Saturday and I just got our return in our checking account today. I am pumped!!!


Jack, Emily and Sarah Beth said...

$50 should buy about 160 diapers, which should last you about a week and a half.

happy changing!

msclif10 said...

Turbo Tax was pretty cool. I enjoyed their website better than H&R. But we did our taxes using both H&R and Turbo Tax and for some reason H&R gave us more of a return so we filed with them.