Thursday, April 17, 2008

So much to write about

I have so much to write about today. First things first, I am so excited that Kristy Lee Cook was booted from AI last night. She needed to go about 6 weeks ago. Also, did anyone else cry when David Cook performed? I loved his rendition of "Always Be My Baby" by Mariah Carey. I really would like for him to win the entire competition.

Justin got home after being gone for 7 days. It felt like an eternity! I am so glad to have my husband, best friend, and office mate back. I get so sentimental these days. I am blaming it on the hormones.

My good friends, Daine and Karina, found out that they will be having a little girl in late August/early September. I am so excited for them.

I have had an insane need to bake lately. I love sweets, but I only will keep one of what I bake and then give the rest to friends. They have told me I have got to stop. My motto is, "If I'm going to gain weight...we are ALL going to gain weight." In the last week I have baked, 32 peanut butter cup brownie cupcakes(thanks, Paula Deen), 37 pecan pralines, a dozen lemon bars, 2 dozen M&M/chocolate chip cookies, and a tray of Mississippi mud. I have got to get this under control or I won't have any friends left.

I have a new job title at the office. I would like to be called the "Tree Farm Specialist" from now on. Justin brought back 3 Monterey Oak trees from Texas Landfill Management's tree farm. Justin's dad wanted us to see if we could sell them out here. We have three and everyone wants one. I didn't realize that trees were so popular!

I hope everyone is doing well. So long for now.


Delilah said...

Did the lemon bars come out good? Aren't they super easy?!? I will never buy the mix again!!

Jack, Emily and Sarah Beth said...

Hi amanda! you are welcome to mail some sweets to me. i'll be happy to pack on the pounds with you.

i was going to come visit at the end of august, but since vic is going to be out of town, we might just fly mere here instead. sorry. how is baby emily?

theborawskis said...

I have a good recipe for you that involves Reese's Peanut Butter cups. I will email it to you. Have you baked anything gluten free? Have to think of the minority. Lots of hugs and kisses. Aunt Judy

msclif10 said...

Baking? That's too cute.

Summer said...

wow, that was a lot to catch up on. I was SO happy little miss country was booted from AI. I would be angry every week after the show b/c she did not deserve to stay that long!

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