Friday, August 15, 2008

Christmas is in the air!

I am in love with an artist named Sid Dickens. Well, I'm actually not in love with him...just his work. I collect his "Memory Blocks." You can see them in the post below about my dining room. They are the tiles in between the 2 windows. Well, he has just unveiled his 2008 Fall and 2008 Holiday Collections. My dad got me one of his Holiday blocks last year and I love it. I really would love to get one from each year's collection. Hint...Hint. I am in love with the Angelic Spirit tile from the Holiday collection. Once he retires them, they are gone. The holiday ones are retired quickly and hard to come by. Therefore, it's kind of like an investment. They only go up in value. I hope you enjoy them!!!!


Jack, Emily and Sarah Beth said...

Did I hear it was your birthday too? We really are kindred spirits. Hope you had a great one!!

daine said...

that is what i always say about things i want that i cant really justify.
"But babe, it is an investment."
I am trying to sell her on Bose surround sound and a flat screen the size of my wall. i am claiming it is for the babies and you and her when your both all laid up letting your guts repositions them selves.