Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Coupon Queen

My cousin, Beth (who should start a blog), sent me this link. It's 2 great coupons for Huggies. One is $3.00 off and the other is $5.00 off. You can print each of the two coupons twice from each computer. So if you have access to more than one computer, you can print them more than twice. What a deal. And she also told me that Huggies would be on sale at Walgreen's this week for $10.oo a pack and that if you spent $25.00 on Huggies diapers and/or wipes you got a $10.00 gift card for your next time in. Still not sure how she knew that. I just went to Walgreen's and got 150 diapers, 184 wipes, and a $10.00 gift card for $31.00 WooHoo!!!!!


theborawskis said...

She is always finding good bargains. You would think she spends all day in front of the computer. But if it pays off, why not. I raised a good one!

Jill said...

You are so funny! I read back to October. We have way different stories with Dr. Ferber! Chase is a total cutie pie!!! I love the 100 calorie brownies- but I always eat 2!!