Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Cook & Cowell

Last nights performance of American Idol was really good. I loved the fact that Simon told David A. that his rendition of "I Need Ya" by Chris Brown sounded a bit like a chihuahua trying to be like a tiger. It was perfect. David Cook did amazing. Simon declared that the night was won by Cook and Cowell. I really hope he wins. I need to call in and vote for him.

I can't wait for tonight's episode. They all get to go back to their hometowns. I hope David Cook gets a key to the city.

On another note, why does David A's dad ALWAYS wear a hat? Is he bald? Does he have an unusual birthmark? The guy just creeps me out. I am so glad he got his backstage pass taken away.

My prediction is that Syesha will go home tonight. We will all have to tune in and see.


daine said...

amanda amanda amanda where oh where is Carey Underwood in comparison to, what was the guy who won last year, the gray headed guy? Soul Patrol, man i cant remember for the life of me. Did he already die?
the chick is gonna win. or she should win. I have never ever heard her and i can tell you that. she's hot and kind of black, she's probably voting for "kind of black" too.

Amanda Gregory said...

Taylor Hicks was his name and he is still alive and well. Also, no idol to date will ever compare with Carrie Underwood. She is the best!

Anonymous said...

I want David C. to win too. He could have done better on some of the songs but overall he was the best. I can't stand David A. and Syesha is good but didn't care for all her dancing around. I will vote next week. I'm afraid it will both David's for next week but would be sweet if David A. was kicked off tonight.


msclif10 said...

I think david cook is the best out of all 3 and should win but I have a feeling the little david will win.
I don't care for syesha....she's kind of annoying and I hope she goes home tonight.

Anonymous said...

Now its the battle of the "David". Who do you think will win? I'm just not sure but I will be calling to vote!