Monday, June 9, 2008

Random Thoughts

Here are a few of my random thoughts from today. Thanks to Summer for this blog post idea

-Has Justin thrown up today
-Will my gashed ankle ever heal
-Am I going to have a c-section
-Should I get a new IPhone one day
-What fabric will I use for the bumper in Chase's crib
-Is my face getting fatter
-How long will my meeting after work last
-Will I watch the premiere of Nashville Star tonight
-How many "empty calories" are in an ice cream cone from McDonald's
-Does lanolin really help or is Delilah fooling me
-I really should be reading my books on babies
-When will my heartburn go away
-Does that mole on my arm look weird
-Was the ad that I put in the paper today for TDS grammatically correct
-Will I get stretch marks
-When will Nanny get results from the MRI of her knee
-Why is Simply Orange OJ so expensive in Alpine
-Is there a Chase Bank in Midland

Let me know some of your random thoughts.......


Summer said...

I KNEW those thoughts were in your head. I love your ramblings. There is nothing that makes me laugh at my desk harder. I'm sure my co-workers can hear my giggles.

theborawskis said...

I love Simply Orange OJ!!
Will I have to work the rest of my life at McD"s?
Why is a car with less than 42,000 miles having so many problems when it isn't even paid for yet?
Just a few of my random thoughts.
OH, One more, am I really Amanda's favorite aunt.
Hugs and kisses, Aunt Judy

Delilah said...

Here are a few of my ramblings: Will my sister relax and enjoy her pregnancy? Will she have to have a c-section or will she push out a 12 pound kid like her mother in law did? Will I be as much help to her as she was to me? Will baby Chase have red hair and a big booty, just like his daddy? Love ya bunches. P.S. The lanolin does help!!!

Swing said...

Hate to break it to ya' girl, but the heartburn only gets worse from here on out... and it doesn't go away until you hold that little cutie in your arms :)

The Texas VicHorns said...

Ha Ha! love it.

How did you gash your ankle? Yikes.

msclif10 said...

This is a great post. Insight straight into your mind. So I guess you're not enjoying pregnancy??

Summer said...

I forgot about random thoughts for here: Tuesday's Brain:
a) will i ever lose by next 10 pounds, b) are tatum's teeth coming in crooked?, c) i won't drink a dp today...i won't drink a dp today..., d) i have a card for kari that i haven't mailed in 1 week, when will i do that, e) did i take my birth control pill this morning, f) is sea world or schlitterbahn more expensive?

daine said...

my randos-
will my baby be ok? (like all there fingers and toes)
will Karina get depressed when the baby gets here?
why does every one keep saying I'll be a great dad?
when will i ever feel grown up enough ti be a dad?
did my dad ask questions like this?
will i ever get to go to Italy and Monaco and Spain...?
when will i get those promised pay raises?
should i sell the Mini for Something bigger? how do i ensure that my child is always safe and never abused? what could i get away with if i found some one abusing my daughter Murder? 1st degree murder? Cold blooded dismemberment? does the baby need a flat panel tv? will the baby rob me of all my time and my love life? if i play kick ball this summer will i be injured?
what will Karina want for supper tonight? Something i hate and eat any way or something really tasty? Ha it is all pretty tasty who and i kidding, trails off nervous sobbing

The Texas VicHorns said...

My random thoughts...

will our air conditioner ever get fixed?

will i be forced to fry bacon in a blazing hot kitchen in the morning?

When will my love handles go away?

The Texas VicHorns said...

Come back to Alpine.