Friday, June 20, 2008

Who's ready for a pool party?

I had to share a picture of these swim trunks that we got as a gift for Chase Landon. I can't wait to have him in the pool next summer! Justin thinks he will be big enough for his first cruise next summer. What is he thinking???


Swing said...

Tooo cute!! I love miniature swim trunks! I got Drew a little matching swim shirt, too - LOVE it :)

Justin. Is. CRAZY. That's what grandmas are for... babysit while you guys go on a cruise :)

Summer said...

oh next summer--it will be time for ONLY ADULTS!
I had a friend that took her 5 month old on a cruise with her...and then they flew to Colorado to ski. However, they did have the luxury of family to help them!

Delilah said...

Well if he isn't ready for a cruise I do know someone who has a pool you can use!!! They are super cute!

The Texas VicHorns said...

Cutest ever.

Your hubby returns today!!!

Dara said...


Jack, Emily and Sarah Beth said...

trust me, leave the kid at home. a vacay isn't a vacay unless you take a babysitter with you!